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Diving the John J Francisconni artificial reef ~ 15 miles off the NC coast.
Diving the wreck of the Carribsea ~ east of Cape Lookout, NC.
On the deck of the Indra wreck ~ 12 miles off the NC coast.
Rolling over ~ spearfishing the pipes.

Whether you are a diver visiting from out of town, or you're a local who doesn't want to wait weeks for local dive shop service, Graveyard Diver has you covered.   Graveyard Diver offers cylinder 02 cleaning, annual cylinder visual inspection, and cylinder valve service, all at prices the local dive shop can't beat!  No more of the "Drop it off and we'll call you in a few weeks when it's ready" stuff you get from some local dive shops.  Graveyard Diver offers same day service for cylinder visual inspections in most cases.  If you need services on the weekend, or at hours suited to your schedule, Graveyard Diver is here for you.  We don't lock up and go home at 5pm.  Or even 9pm if you need something now.

Graveyard Diver also offers accommodations when you are visiting "down east" and don't want to pay the tourist prices for a clean, quiet place to lay your head.  Our 25 foot bunkhouse has all the accommodations of the fancy hotels, in a quiet neighborhood away from all the tourist noise, and is just minutes away from Morehead City, Beaufort, Havelock, and Atlantic Beach.

Graveyard Diver takes pride in servicing your equipment, and our technician is PSI-PCI trained and certified.  So if you gotta have a VIP sticker on your cylinder, why not have a cool one instead of an ugly old dive shop advertisement?

Graveyard Diver PSI-PCI Scuba Cylinder Visual Inspection    Graveyard Diver oxygen clean scuba cylinder visual inspection
Graveyrad Diver PSI cylinder visual inspection

PSI-PCI visual inspections are based on the rules and regulations as mandated by the USDOT, Compressed Gas Association, and cylinder manufacturers.  We don’t tell you a story, we give you  facts and show you the regulations to back our inspections.

Graveyard Diver PSI cylinder oxygen cleaning

Cylinders and valves intended for Nitrox service require special cleaning and inspection to ensure the safety of the user and the person filling the cylinder.  When it comes to your safety and the safety of those around you, accept nothing less than a PSI-PCI trained and certified technician.

Graveyard Diver cylinder valve service and rebuild

Our valve service includes ultrasonic cleaning, new burst disk, new internal parts, and nitrox compatible O-rings and lubricant.  When it comes to your safety, "pretty good"  isn't good enough.  Insist that your valve technician is a  PSI-PCI certified technician.

Graveyard Diver scuba cylinder hydrostatic testing

Is it time for your 5-year hydrostatic test?  A defective scuba cylinder can explode with twice the energy of a hand grenade used by the U.S. military.  Our hydrostatic test includes DOT Date Stamp and  Visual inspection.  Our turn around time is normally about 2 weeks and we have FREE loaner cylinders while yours is out for testing.

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