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Graveyard Diver has built our cylinder service around servicing our customers.  We don't sell new scuba cylinders, provide charter services, sell SCUBA gear, or offer SCUBA certification classes.  Our focus is SCUBA cylinders and valves.  We pride ourselves on quality of workmanship and maintaining the highest level of education available in the SCUBA industry today.  Our technician is certified by PSI-PCI, the SCUBA industry "gold standard" when it comes to cylinders and valves.  
Graveyard DIver PSI scuba cylinder visual inspection service valve and oxygen clean

Graveyard Diver Cylinder and Valve Services
* Plus the cost of parts
Cylinder Visual Inspection. AKA "VIP" (required annually)
Includes visual inspection decal, written report of the inspection process and results, new O-rings, and photographs of any abnormal conditions found inside your cylinder.
Cylinder Hydrostatic Requalification, AKA "Hydro" (required every 5 years)
Includes cylinder visual inspection.
Cylinder Valve Service (Recomended at the time of Hydro)
Includes new O-rings, ultrasonic cleaning, and new internal parts.
Cylinder Tumble (aluminum or steel)
Normally done prior to VIP to remove excessive corrosion inside the cylinder.  Includes "before" and "after" photos of the inside of your cylinder.
Convert Cylinder to Nitrox Service
Includes Viton O-rings and Tribolube oxygen compatible lubricant
 Add $5
Cylinder & Valve Oxygen Cleaning
Removes hydrocarbons in your cylinder and valve that may cause a dangerous explosion when your cylinder is used with Nitrox blends over 40%, or when your fill station blends Nitrox by the partial-pressure blending method.  Consult your dive shop to inquire if they fill by a banked Nitrox system or by partial-pressure blending.

When it comes to your life support equipment, insist that your SCUBA cylinders and valves be serviced by a formally trained and certified PSI-PCI technician.  The level of training obtained by PSI-PCI technicians is recognized world wide, and is second to none when it comes to SCUBA cylinder inspections.  Cylinder safety is a major concern for dive shops around the world.  90% of cylinder explosions occur when a cylinder is being filled, and a reputable dive shop will not fill a cylinder that does not have a valid Evidence of Inspection Decal and a valid hydrostatic requalification stamp.

PSI-PCI has a long history as the agency for DOT approved training that is formally endorsed, utilized, and referred to by the cylinder manufacturers.  PSI-PCI training is recognized by entities such as the US Department of Transportation and the Compressed Gas Association.  Graveyard Diver uses the PSI-PCI 18-step inspection protocol to ensure your cylinder meets the safety requirements established by the SCUBA industry, the U.S. Department of Transportation, and the Compressed Gas Association.  You will recieve a written, detailed report of your cylinder inspection as well as photographs of the inside of your cylinder should we find any abnormal conditions or concerns.  In the event that your cylinder fails our comprehensive and detailed inspection, Graveyard Diver will explain to you why your cylinder is unsafe to remain in service, and we will show you the specific regulations that prompted our decision.  Graveyard Diver does not remove any cylinder from service without first getting a "second opinion" from another unaffiliated, formally trained and certified Visual Cylinder Inspector.  You can be assured that if we determine that your cylinder is unfit for continued SCUBA service, that decision has been determined by two inspectors who are in agreement on the issue found.  Here at Graveyard Diver, we don't have new cylinders for sale.  So unlike some dive shops who may be motivated to move new inventory, our inspection process is centered only around your safety, and not in moving our inventory that we need to sell.  Failing a cylinder for the sake of making a sale is unethical and constitutes nothing less than fraud.

Some of the customers that use PSI-PCI to train their cylinder inspectors include NASA, the U.S. miltary, NOAA, cylinder manufacturers such as Luxfer, Catalina, Faber, theme parks such as Disney World, Cirque du Soleil, and many more.  Often, the cost of an inferior inspection is the same as inspection by a competent and formally trained and certified technician.  The difference is your safety, the safety of the dive shop employees, and the safety of those around you on the dive boat.  Don't settle for less when it comes to your cylinder and valve service.

PSI-PCI Cylinder Visual Inspector # 30235
PSI-PCI Cylinder Oxygen Cleaning Technician # 1922
PSI-PCI Valve Repair Technician # 2775

Graveyrad DIver PSI-PCI certified technician